Las Tunas Youth Orchestra


The orchestra is a creative space for culture, beauty and artistic development; where the challenge is to harmonize the personal aspirations of each member and the development of the orchestra as a whole.

Young musicians unfold conditions for leadership, commitment, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It is a way to combine the individual contributions to achieve a collective goal.


The Orchestra was born in April 2009, thanks to the commitment and support of Fondation Tuyú. It began with 15 musicians, aged 8 to 18 years: 13 violins and 2 violas.

In 2010 three cellists joined and in 2011 two bassists, one viola, 3 violins, 2 flutes and 2 clarinets were added. In 2012, 8 musicians joined, 3 violas, 2 violoncellos, 2 bassists, and 1 violin. Later in 2015, 18 new musicians joined the orchestra as well.

The Youth orchestra of Las Tunas is conducted by Maestro Adrian Crocce, disciple of Maestro José A. Abreu, with whom he trained in the philosophy of Orchestra System of Venezuela (founded in 1970).

Work methodology

It’s a school of personal development and social life that places in the hands of children and young musicians the desire for excellence and the pursuit of quality. It is much more than an artistic structure. The Orchestra educates on the discipline of coordination, promotes personal development, harmonious interdependence, and strengthens solidarity and the spirit of fraternity.

When the beauty of sound unfolds by the hand of the children and teenagers who integrate the Orchestra, it invites them to unveil the best of their human spirit. The desire to "play better" in the pedagogy of the system, and the fact of being so linked between one another, becomes as well a desire to "be better". The aesthetic and the ethic are joined in communion.

At the same time, the atmosphere of joy and the pleasure of being part of a formidable proposal, turns the effort into a joyful experience.

Children and young musicians unfold conditions for leadership, commitment, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


> 30 violins | > 5 violas | > 7 violoncellos | > 5 double bass
> 3 clarinets | > 2 trumpets | > 3 trombones | > 3 flutes


> Joseph Haydn – Emperor's Hymn
> Marc Antoine Charpentier – Te Deum
> Manuel Gerez – Oberture
> Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky – Trepak
> Astor Piazzolla – Libertango

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The Orchestra is currently composed of 58 musicians who attend weekly different types of stimuli: a class of instruments; a class of musical language; two orchestra rehersals and chamber rehersals. Each musician has their own instrument, from day one, that they can take home to study and rehearse.

Staff and professors

Adrián Crocce (Conductor), Juan Pablo Cravenna (Strings coordinator), Fabiana Betelú (Violloncelos), Ezequiel Piotti (Sense-perceptive language), Agustin Roca (Sense-perceptive language), Santiago Carletti (Double bass), Silvina Montagnoli (Flutes), Rafael Romero (Clarinets), Jonathan Martinez (Sense-perceptive language initial level), Florencia Romero (Viola), Ayelen Escobar (Violin).


Florencia Romero (17 years old) "In the orchestra each instrument has a very personal sound"

"I've been a part of the orchestra for a few years now, where I play the viola, an uncommon instrument that sounds great. I am now part of the elder group and I also began studying at the Conservatory of music, I feel very accompanied".

Florencia Ovando (15 years old) "I like music very much"

"I've been a part of the orchestra for four years, I really like music, I play the violin, but I would also like to learn to play the cello. Our orchestra sounds great, but the best part is how well we get along, we're all very close.".

Solange Paniagua (11 years old) "The orchestra darling"

"I love being part of the orchestra, learning new things and being able to play what I like, for example: "The Toy Symphony" by Joseph Haydn. Something very difficult: The Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel, it took me a while to learn it, but with some effort and patience I was able to do it. A good thing: being the youngest one, everyone is very patient with me".

Tomás Torres (10 years old) "I like to participate in concerts"

"I've been in the orchestra for three years. I like to play the violin, learn new songs and share good moments with friends. But what gives me the most joy is to participate in concerts and show people everything we learn".


Over the years the orchestra offered various concerts and presentations. They are a central part of the learning experience.

> Golf Tournament, Punto de Encuentro Cup. Club Newman (November 2009)
> University of San Andrés (2009) · Children's Book Fair (July 2010)
> Meeting of Orchestras 'Moreno' (October 2011)
> National Chancellery (November 2010)
> Jardín Botánico de Buenos Aires (Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires), annual closing for AMG Consulting's event (December 2010-2011)
> Teatro de Pacheco (December 2011)
> Clara de Asís School - Ing. Maschwitz (2011)
> Perito Moreno School - Martínez (2011)
> 1st Meeting of Orchestras in Escobar (2012)
> Youth Orchestra Meeting in Berazategui (July 2012)
> Tortugas Open Mall (December 2012)
> Banco de Galicia (December 2012)
> Santa Catalina de Siena · Palace of Sans Souci
> 13th International Youth Orchestras Meeting Event (October 2013) Faculty of Law and Luna Park Stadium


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Practice, classes and rehearsals:
Tuesdays 18:00 through 19:30 hs.
Fridays 9:00 through 16:00 hs.
Saturdays 9:00 through 13:00 hs.

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