Personal Development

Each of our programs is only a gateway to a larger experience. All the children and teenager that take part in any of our activities receive personal accompaniment, for themselves and for their family. They also take part in Personal development and formation workshops, that are part of the pedagogic itinerary developed by our staff.
The pedagogic itinerary is a set of contents designed to "cultivate virtues" that, as innate potential, are waiting to be activated.
We seek to form the students and families in virtues for different stages of life: hope, willingness, acceptance, decision, idoneity, the valoration of effort, fidelity, empathy, love, compassion, and wisdom.

Workshops for the young

This year we seek to strengthen in the children and teenagers of Las Tunas NGO the experience of alterity. We observe that it is more difficult everyday to see the "other" as an equal and to part from ethnocentrism. This causes us to worry and "see" only what happens to those that "are like us".

We work to develop the following strengths:
> Persistence (from the virtue of temperance)
> Social intelligence (from the virtue of humanity)
> Citizenship (from the virtue of justice)
> Leadership (from the virtue of justice)

We do this by holding monthly meetings and workshops. And with an activity that crosses through all the annual work: designing an action of service for the neighborhood of Las Tunas, which will be the result of:
> Going outside to look attentively at what happens around us in the neighborhood.
> Leaning on tools that allow us to seek creative answers to the things we've seen.
> Decide as a whole, through the exercise of democracy, which of the situations that we have "seen" we will choose for our communitary service project to respond to.
> Investigate to learn more about this matter, and learn from the best practices used to resolve the issue we've chosen.
> Organize to carry on the tasks of the project and generate the necessary resources.
> With each workshop, a specialist helps us "open our minds" to think outside the limits of what "we know".

Workshops offered in the first semester:
  Eduardo Amadeo, sharing his analysis on the situation of youth. 70 children and teenagers participated in it.
  Pablo de la Cruz Sabor, Workshop about Creativity. 70 children and teenagers participated in it.
  Joaquín Grehan, The biology of emotions. 34 parents and teenagers participated in it. The workshop approached the topic of the impact that our mind has over our body and our emotions.

We also promoted the campaign "HERE WE GO AGAIN"
  A group task, but with a personal challenge. Each participant must keep a bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days. If at any time in your day you complain you must switch the bracelet to the other wrist. What's important: do not give up, start again. It takes 21 day to create a new habit.

Personal Development Workshops

> From word to fact. The steps to take to turn dreams into action.

> To observe and be attentive. As a first step to connect with oneself and with each other, leaving judgement aside.

> My own point of view. Being conscious about the way I interpret things that affect me positively or negatively.

> I choose to learn. Tools and a space for reflection that helps us stop living the experience of studying as an "obligation", but instead embrace it as an oportunity we choose consciously.

> Victims or protagonists. To realize that we can stand in front of the life we have in either a proactive way or a reactive way. It is a personal decision we have to take, trusting the potential of our individual choice.

> I see you. The "other" is there. A different someone, distinct and equal at the same time, who I can choose not to judge, recognize the other as is, and establish a relationship as equals.

> My characters. We are invited to realize that there is a distance between ourselves and the roles we adopt to "act" in the different scenarios of life. Being conscious about these roles allows us to be ourselves more freely.

Personal accompaniment: takes place throughout the whole year.

Interviews and personal follow-ups. All the workshops and accompaniment programs seek to develop in children and teenagers their self-confidence, the recognition of their own effort, the necessary will to run risks and venture in life, with confidence, loyalty, decision, and a sense of solidarity.

Citizenship formation workshop

Aimed to develop critical thinking as well as to increase the ability to elaborate personal arguments, both under the light of a democratic culture, and with the intention of facilitating and promoting the exercise of citizenship.

Introduction: Aims, Short term goals, Subjects. Organization-State The importance of deliberating to construct collectively a project in common.

First meeting: Democracy: the importance of Consent. Political Organization, Political Parties, Voting. Primary elections in 2013, renovation.

Second meeting: Ethics, Politics and Citizenship. Individual autonomy and freedom. Equity. Effort.

Third meeting: Active citizenship and critical tolerance. Dignity. Respect. Society and being a member in it.

Fourth meeting: Alterity (constructing the "other" and constructing "myself")

Fifth meeting: Rights: concepts, structures and law institutions. The National Constitution: sense, exercise, relevance. Rights and Guaranty. Conflicts of rights.

Sixth meeting: Being a citizen. Civilian obligations. Challenges. Consent and Obligations. Participation, Commitment. Modifications of reality (challenges)

Seventh meeting: Integration of all the topics seen in the previous meetings, and the relation between all the concepts approached. Legitimacy of power (majority and minority) Vote, election, delegation Elections for Legislation 2013, renovation

Eigth meeting: General conclusions using a fragment from a movie as stimulator. General notions about writing.


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