Comprehensive School Scholarships

We facilitate the access of students to scholarships to promote insertion, adherence and completion of different educational levels.
The scholarships consist of economical support, pedagogy and comprehensive training, offering support to the families as well as promote commitment to the education of their children.
They are awarded on a merit basis: their commitment to study; their effort to obtain good grades; attendance; a proactive attitude; and the support of the family.


Since 2007 we are local partners with the Scholarships for Integration Program by BBVA Banco Francés.

These scholarships support the completion of secondary/comprehensive school; stimulating comprehensive formation and strenghtening the motivation to study, as well as seeking to expand possibilities, and encouraging the full development of academic, social and personal skills.

The scholarships are assigned to students in secondary/comprehensive school, years in which the dropout rate is higher, so that they can offset some costs of their education, connect with their natural abilities, trust themselves and avoid losing the desire to study.

Annually there are 60 students selected by Las Tunas NGO for these scholarships.

Methodology of work

These students take part in individual mentoring sessions, meetings where tutors and students assess their school performance, their accomplishments and the difficulties that arise. They analyze and create new strategies to help address situations that challenge them academically, socially, and personally.

Additionally, in these meetings, students and tutors share different dynamics and skills that nurture their own perception of themselves, and increase their personal abilities.


The students awarded with the scholarship work with a folder of contents, where they keep theoretical and practice material for the content covered in the sessions, such as: understanding how the brain works during the learning process, recognizing what techniques may be more effective to understand a text, and how to find information.

All 60 students participate monthly in a Personal Development Workshop which addresses topics to develop self-confidence, appreciation of the effort, the will to take risks and enroll in new challenges in the adventure of life, trust, fidelity, decision making and the sense of solidarity.


Since 2007, 129 students age 12 to 18 received the Scholarships for Integration Program by BBVA Banco Francés.


Pamela Tugas (21 years old) "Thanks to the Scholarships Program I was able to change to a different school".

"When I was 16 I was selected for the Scholarships for Integration Program by BBVA Banco Francés, thanks to these scholarships I was able to change to a much better school to continue my studies".

Melisa Sena (17 years old) "The mentoring sessions help me find a way around the difficulties that arise"

"I've been taking part in the mentoring sessions since last year. All the things I learn with the tutors can be used in many places. They help me study a better way, they help me in my relationships with others, with my family, and in everyday things. Of all the topics I've seen, the one I liked the most was "Multiple Inteligences", because I learned that we all are intelligent, we don't need to be a math genius to be intelligent (she laughs). The support helped me improve at school and to always find a way around difficulties. When I finish school, I would like to study "Educational Sciences".

Strategic partner:

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Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 through 16hs.

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